Our first fundraising day and launch day was held at the vault Witham on Sunday 7th April 2013.

We want to thank every one of helping and donating. We raised £2421.00.


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Freddie and his little angels

We're so sorry that you’re on our website. We know your reading this because you or someone close to you have lost a precious baby. We know what you’re going through and how hard life is afterwards. 17 babies a day in the UK are born sleeping or die soon after birth. 

We decided quite soon after Freddie was born sleeping that we would set up "Freddie and his little angels". By supporting other families, it's our way of getting through the loss of Freddie and also knowing were raising awareness of stillbirths. We hope what we’re doing will give families some support and comfort at this very sad time.  

We offer a variety of support, leaflets and information which we sadly didn't get when we lost Freddie. We struggled with the organising of the funeral, as we are a young family. We didn't know we're to begin with the organising of it, we wanted it to be a very special day to remember, but it takes a very long time and research , taking away our time we wanted to spend with Freddie. We have designed a selection of information which is been provided with the bereavement booklet you will have received from Hull women and children's hospital and were hoping to also supply these along with the writing packs to local funeral directors. 

We felt much comfort in writing to Freddie, all our plans, love and dreams for him, we want to offer families the chance to also do this.Our packs which are supplied at hospital which include writing paper to write to your precious babies when saying your goodbyes.  

We are currently raising money to supply the 2nd cold cot too, sadly when we lost Freddie another baby was born sleeping an hour before. We hope to have enough funds in the next few months.

Our main aim is to make more awareness of stillbirths, as sadly we wasn't aware it still happened until we lost Freddie.  We know It's a taboo subject but it really shouldn't be.

Freddie and his little angels fund, gives us a little positive feeling and keeps Freddie memory's going. 

Freddie George is and always will be a massive part of all our lives, he is talked about every day in a happy way and also in a sad way, we miss him more and more as each day passes. We know Freddie will be very proud of us all setting his fund up and helping other families... 

Love you always Freddie   xxxx