Our first fundraising day and launch day was held at the vault Witham on Sunday 7th April 2013.

We want to thank every one of helping and donating. We raised £2421.00.


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Freddies Story 

 It was January the 31st 2013 only two more days until I could meet my baby boy. I had a doctors appointment that day and was checked over and everything was absolutely fine. Throughout the day I felt Freddie kicking as normal so didn't have nothing to worry about. Later on that night he was wriggling around and eventually I fell to sleep around midnight but got woke up by my waters breaking at 00:15. I shouted of who was my boyfriend at the time, Freddies dad to tell him my waters had broken so immediately he rang the labour ward but they told me to try and keep at home for a few hours. Something didn't feel right though, I felt numb. Freddie hadn't moved since I fell asleep but I thought maybe that's normal?

So I rang the ward again and said I was worried about not feeling him but they said ill be fine. Hours passed, I rang the ward about 6 times by this point to tell them I still hadn't felt him move and finally I was allowed to go in so I got my bag and Freddies and went to hospital. When I arrived I had to wait around for over half an hour then eventually the midwife checked for Freddies heartbeat but immediately I knew there was something wrong because she couldn't find it. Eventually four different members of staff came in with the scanning machine too and there on the screen his heart wasn't beating. Then there was the words 'im sorry but there's no heartbeat'. It didn't seem real, just like a bad dream.

Me and Freddies dad were just devastated. We thought we were going to the hospital to finally have Freddie and take him home but we never got that opportunity. So hours went by and at 11.41 I gave birth to Freddie, he weighed 5lb 10oz. He was so long and had so much jet black hair, little button nose he was just perfect. Me and Freddies dad spent time with Freddie as did both of our families. None of us could believed it happened, stillbirth had never been mentioned to me before so it was a massive shock. Later that night we had Freddie blessed and spent more time with him before we went home.

Over the weekend Freddie was taken to the funeral directors which we visited almost everyday before the funeral. It was so hard leaving him there but we knew it was just something we had to do. Then the day of Freddies funeral arrived, it was hard knowing we were never going to see Freddie ever again but we coped really well. I will never forget him and he will always be the most beautiful boy in the world.

Freddie and his little angels