Our first fundraising day and launch day was held at the vault Witham on Sunday 7th April 2013.

We want to thank every one of helping and donating. We raised £2421.00.


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Funeral guide and making memories


Please find the following list to help with the organising of your babies' goodbye


  • - You need to obtain the medical certificate from your midwife ( when you get discharged )

  • - Book an appointment at local registry office

(You need a copy of death certificate for funeral directors, extra copies are £6.00)

- Arrange which funeral directors to use, most will offer free funerals

- Announcement of death in the local paper

- Organise serviceman, music, verses, poems, and service cards

- Florists

- Balloons to release on the day with message cards

- Take photos on the day of saying your goodbye


We also want to share our memories we made with Freddie


- Letters, (we supply writing materials)

- Lock of hair, we kept Freddie's and also put mummy's and daddy's in Freddie's hands to hold

- Change your baby, we put Freddie in various favourite clothes we had bought for him & take photographs

- Take pictures, photos of your babies face, body, hands with your hands, toes, back &their hair.

- Photos of all your family with baby

- Buy jewellery, we bought a broken heart necklace, Freddie kept one-half, we kept the other half

- Keep baby in their shawl/ blanket

- Change your baby into your favourite item of clothing and you keep what babies 1st item worn

- Look at your babies' full body, their ears, knees and precious fingers.

- Take footprints and handprints ( hospital with offer too)

- Talk to your baby, tell them all your plans and love you have for them

- Put all family photos with your baby, any items you want them to have with them,

- Keep your baby in their own Moses baskets, most funeral directors will allow this 

-Buy a star and name it after your baby

- we bought a rose tree at our local cemetery , a place were we all to spend time and keep special presents and memories

You will find the above information in within the bereavement guide at Hull women's and children’s.