Our first fundraising day and launch day was held at the vault Witham on Sunday 7th April 2013.

We want to thank every one of helping and donating. We raised £2421.00.


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What Are We Doing

We supply writing packs to Hull women's & children's  hospital which contains writing cards in pink, blue and white with envelopes. Families can write their precious babies a letter. We found so much comfort in writing to Freddie when saying our goodbyes. We supply one pack to keep with your angel and one for families to keep for memories.

We are in connections with  Hull women's and children's labour ward to contribute our funeral guide and making memories guide in with their bereavement booklet. We really struggled with Freddies funeral and want to help other families by providing all the main important parts to the funeral organisation. We made lots of memories with Freddie, which we are also sharing along with our funeral guide.

A link to our funeral guide and making memories with your angel

We are aiming to supply local funeral directors with new baby items, Moses baskets and bedding, when Freddie died we didn't know what to do with his nursery so we donated his Moses basket to our funeral directors. 

When Freddie was born sleeping , another angel was also born sleeping an hour before, unfortunately hull labour ward only have one cold cot, we are in the process of raising for a 2nd cold cot.